Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Chapter book map description

In this map I have designated a few places my chapter book will take place. They go as followed:
F: The farm house owned by a very kind women named Marylou and her son Pete.  Pete is a cute friend who is very fond of Sam with mutual feelings. Sam convinces Marylou to let Pete come to her school the following year.

I: The ice cream shop in which she hangs out with everyone.They have live music and a dance floor and Sam loves to dance.

H: her home with her parents and her floppy eared pup Bruce.

L: The library she loves to visit the kitty and also loves ready. Great relationship with librarian

T: The secret tree hidden with other trees around in the middle of the town square park. The tree has a hole in it just in reach but out of eye sight. Her and her friends leave trinkets and silly letters to each other in the hole.

S : The school all the kids go to unless homeschooled. Also where Pete kissed her for the first time(by the swings)

BFF: Margaret's house. Same best friend. Also where bad things happen. Margarets family is richer and has much nicer things but it comes at a price of family values, love, and respect.

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  1. How are these projects going? Are you going forward or moving on to other things? Let us know with a Word Count Wednesday post. :)